Peter Kirwan


How About Your Dream Wall

06th February 2017
A Quick Preamble: Ok, some people call it a dream chart or a vision chart, or even a vision wall…me, i prefer "Dream Wall"…but it really doesn't matter what you call it, so long as you have an area that's covered in reminders of your passions and the p... Read >

The Shocking Lies Of Big Pharma

06th February 2017
A Quick Preamble: I've said it plenty of times already and i'll say it again now…drug companies and the medically trained definitely have their place - there are plenty of truly dedicated, super-ethical and ultra-caring medical professionals out there ... Read >

Thinking Stinking Rich

06th February 2017
A Quick Preamble: It really is - like every aspect or category of your life - an out-and-out"mindset" thing…if you want to be wealthy, then simply "think" like the stinking-rich think… …rich people build big wealth before they spend…they don't actua... Read >

The Importance of Goal Setting

06th February 2017
A Quick Preamble: For some, the setting of personal goals is a relatively simple task, while for (plenty of) others it's just not the norm'…the"secrets" of how to set goals seem out of reach - hence, there's a whole mass of people just blustering their... Read >

The Top 5 Habits of Happy People

06th February 2017
There are reasons, good reasons, why certain people have reached the state of constant happiness - it's all about things like wonder, self satisfaction, never forgetting ones roots and the inspiration gained from others… …others who are or have been in... Read >

Are You Being True To You?

06th February 2017
So, are you doing what you want to do..? Are you taking all the necessary steps on the road toward achieving your passions and desires..? Or do you follow the norm' and requirements of your peers - the puppet masters..!?! Take heart…you're not alone if... Read >

3 Reasons For Kale In Your Diet

06th February 2017
Kale: just another one of those green leafy garden weed type of veggies that along with spinach, was something i'd be fighting AGAINST eating as a kid…it turns out that my ol' gran was right about this nutrient dense veg', as i have since found out…there ... Read >

Cure Insomnia Naturally – 12 Night Time Snacks & Meals To Help You Sleep...

15th December 2010
The food you consume is one of the many contributors to the condition of insomnia and fixing a poor diet should be treated as a serious part of the brain re-training regime you need to carry out if you want to effectively cure insomnia naturally. Trypt... Read >